Friday, November 16, 2007

Adhesions Stink

Its been a while since I last posted. Its much harder to motivate now that I'm going back to work. Usually I just want to lay around after a day at the office.

The knee is still improving. Recently the Torturers decided it was time to get rid of the adhesions preventing me from bending my leg. This involves an extremely painful process that includes screaming and crying from me, and forced bending from the Torturer.

Today was the third time evil boss man has attempted to break the adhesions apart. This time he decided to cheat. Once I reached a point where I was yelling in pain and couldn't handle it any more you would count down from 5. Instead of letting go at 1, as he did last time, he decided it would be amusing to quickly smash my knee into a more bent position before letting it go. After attempting this a couple of times, including the cheating bit, and only getting minor snaps from the adhesions he attempted another torture tactic. He had another Therapist come over push down on my hip so I couldn't lift it. Then he picked up my leg so both the thigh and knee were off the table and then bent and lowered the knee, which he claimed wouldn't hurt (which was total crap). On the second attempt at this lots of snap crackle pops occurred.

While the torture is absolutely horrible, I must admit that is is remarkable how much more flexibility I had after the first adhesion breaking session last Friday. This time its hard to tell since my knee is super swollen now and my thigh is aching, but hopefully the improvement will be even more noticeable.

The evil boss even congratulated me and said that there weren't many people who could have handled that (I didn't even cry this time, just yelled). He was probably saying it to make me feel better, but I'm still going to tell everyone I'm a bad ass.

Here are the updates on the milestones I had left:
  • Sleeping on my side - Achieved!!
  • Sleeping on my stomach - I can also do this, though it feels weird when the fluid pushes into the knee.
  • Moving around with 1 crutch - Done
  • Moving around with no crutches - Done
  • Brace Free Walking - Done
  • Unaided Walking - Done, even though I look like a hunchback still.

The only one I have left from the list is:
  • Sleeping through the night
I think I might give this one up, its mostly unrealistic unless I drug myself with sleep aids.

Now I am working towards my physical therapy goals: increasing my bending flexibility and strengthening the pathetically smaller leg.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Crazy Runners

Ari's sister Pia came to visit this weekend. She works for the Big Apple Circus and was up in the neighborhood so she stayed for dinner. We made homemade Italian bread, tarragon chicken and squash. It was all very yummy. We also found a new knitting store around the corner from me - very convenient and thus dangerous for my bank account.

Today Ari and I went to cheer for my friend who is running the marathon. Last year she ran so damn fast we completely missed her so this year we showed up 30 minutes early to improve our chances of spotting her. Miraculously, we didn't miss her in the enormous crowds of runners and spectators and she nodded our way as she passed while we screamed her name. I am pretty sure we just distracted her, but whatever, she didn't stumble or fall down or anything. I still think people who run marathons are crazy.

After that we cheered a bit, though I must say its pretty boring when you aren't looking for somebody specific. We headed home to an afternoon and evening of watching football after only a few minutes.

Yaaay Bills!

Stupid Patriots. Their coach is a real jerk, and he dresses like a loser too.