Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zoe - 1 Month

Zoe is one month old and has changed so much from the floppy infant we brought home. She is still pretty floppy, but looking much older too. She is also SMILING, as witnessed in the picture, which is so so cute.

My mastitis and clogged ducts are finally resolved so we're back on the increasing milk supply train. Carol, the visiting nurse, comes every day and changes the wound bandages. She says it is healing very nicely.

Zoe was a cat for Halloween - very cute and also low maintenance, thank you Aunt Gwen for the costume!!!

Ari and I went out for the first time together while Judy watched Zoe, it was very nice to be out of the apartment and the steak was delicious too.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Zoe's Birth

I started getting contractions early in the day Saturday, September 26th. Ari and I went for a walk (or waddle in my case) in Central Park around the reservoir since it was such a nice day and the contractions weren't that bad. I kept thinking they would just stop as they had on other occasions but by 3PM I had progressed to 3/1/1 contractions. As usual Ari was wonderful during the labor, he helped me stay comfortable in between contractions and supported me during them.

We went to the hospital at midnight only to find out that I hadn't progressed at all, still only 1 cm dilated, which was extremely disheartening. This lack of progress and the uncomfortable position I had to be in in triage made the contractions MUCH harder to deal with. We went till 4:30AM with the same contractions when I got an epidural (finally! after waiting for the idiot resident for 3 hours), and then the pitocin was started. I dilated to 8CM by 9PM Sunday night, when Zoe's heart rate started showing signs of distress. We went in for the csection immediately. Dr. Datta took her out of my belly and showed Ari so he got to tell me it was a girl. He was so surprised and excited, I'll never forget the way he said 'It's a girl'.

Our adventures, both good and less than desirable, were just beginning. My uterus wouldn't contract after Zoe was removed and I started hemorrhaging. Ari got kicked out of the operating room - poor guy, he looked terrible, worse than me, when I saw him after. After numerous injections and some fancy suturing I was all sewn up and we spent the night in recovery. The nurses were so kind and let Ari stay with me, even though he was supposed to leave the hospital for then night. He had to sleep in a metal chair propped up against wall, but I was so glad he was there. They brought Zoe to us and we were able to feed her and stare in amazement at the beautiful little bundle that had finally arrived a week and a half late!

Monday morning I was moved to the regular labor and delivery floor after all the monitoring Sunday night had gone well. Unfortunately by Tuesday I was really sick - I had partial paralysis of my GI (something called an Ileus) and was very distended. My belly was back to 9 month pregnant size and when the doctors tapped on it it sounded like hitting a drum. That night I started throwing up and the next day, I started leaking fluid from the csection incision after the staples were removed. Turns out the second layer of suturing (closing the outside) had opened up. Evidently they can't sew that kind of thing up again so they just opened it and it had to heal from the inside out. I had a 13 cm long, 2cm deep hole in my lower abdomen and needed to have visiting nurse service come every day to care for it. Nasty. After xrays, CT scans and various doctors pounding on my stomach I ended up being on IV fluids only until Friday and then started to slowly eat normal food until Monday when we came home.

We got to know the doctors and nurses pretty well while we were there, they were so kind to us including Jessica who taught Ari how to give her a bath and Misha who got us a window room. They all loved Ari. Dr. Bimsen came each day and cleaned my incision, I let her know she was skilled in torture. The midwives came and visited me every day as well.

Unfortunately we were back at the hospital all too soon to say hello as we had to return Wednesday night when I experienced extremely high blood pressure, headaches and blurred vision. All the tests came back normal though so I got to leave after only 7 hours instead of having to stay all night. Fortunately my Mom was staying with us for the week and was able to watch Zoe during this trip.

Staying positive during this has certainly been challenging, Ari keeps reminding me how much the situation has improved,and how much worse it could be. The wound is healing really nicely and my GI has returned to normal.

Zoe is doing amazingly well and we are so lucky.