Monday, March 29, 2010

Zoe - 6 Months

Zoe has started solids - oh the fun! She enjoys avocado, pears, apples, peaches and sweet potato. She dislikes carrots and peas and vehemently hates peppers (reduced to tears when they are brought within an inch of her face). I don't blame her to be honest, nasty things, especially pureed.

She is army crawling around now, though knee crawling still escapes her. We also experienced her first illness, fortunately no fever, but she was very very stuffy. We had many miserable sessions with the nose sucker bulb thing.

Zoe - 5 Months

Zoe has two teeth!!! They appeared on her 5 month birthday exactly. Fortunately they weren't accompanied by any cranky baby issues, she handled it quite well (we don't mind drool fortunately).

She is also starting to move around quite a bit - mostly belly flopping and the beginnings of army crawling. She also enjoys doing push-ups and saying 'mamamamamama' at various times. Ari is very jealous.

We explored and executed the very horrible process of sleep training. It was exceptionally painful for everyone involved but appears to have been successful. Nothing is ever perfect but Zoe doesn't seem to mind being put in bed with her lamby and paci while awake now and we may be able to retire the exercise ball for bouncing to sleep purposes.