Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zoe - Month 4

We went for Zoe's 4 month checkup on Friday, yes that's right, I said 4 months. She weighed in at 15lbs 7ozs and was 25.75 inches long. She has adorable chubby legs and dimples on her knuckles we just love. She also roles over to her stomach regularly (via her left side only for now), laughs, squeals and emits other hilarious sounds that entertain us. Her favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear and her favorite chew toy is this fluffy duck rattle which she dive bombs, mouth wide open, for some duck bill chewing action.

We have new buddies, Elena and her son Eli, who we go for walks with. We all went out for a baby/mommy lunch (our first) which was a great success as both babies behaved themselves very well. We also met up for a song and reading session at the 92nd St. Y where Zoe proceeded to flirt with Eli.

Ari, Zoe and I went out for our first night on the town yesterday. It was absolutely freezing out, I think about 18 degrees without the wind chill so Zoe was bundled up and inside her stroller bubble. The folks at Libertador, an Argentinian steak restaurant around the corner, were kind enough to make some room for our stroller and we enjoyed the meal immensely.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grandma Graham's Visit

Mom came to visit with Zoe this past week. Zoe loved all the cuddling and reading and I certainly enjoyed the company! We went for a few nice walks and attended a session at the 92 St Y on babies and their schedules. The session was quite useless, but it was a good opportunity to reconnect with a couple of women from the breastfeeding support group and also to meet new Moms. Zoe, Mom and I also had some stellar games of peak-a-boo resulting in extended laughing from Zoester, quite hilarious and of course very cute.

Mom also helped me finally get to work on the bumpers for Zoe's crib, just in time too as Zoe is now rolling over regularly in her sleep and bumping her little head on the side. The floral side will be facing out and the birds since they are more of a contrasting pattern and Zoe might like them more.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Zoe - 3 Months

Zoe's fourth trimester has come to a close. In addition to the previously documented awesome milestones we have a couple more:

1. Zoe has started making hilarious squeaking noises
2. We have determined that for some strange reason Zoe is a morning person, clearly this is not a genetic trait. Getting out of bed is much easier when you see that great big smile!
3. She also had an extended giggling episode in her sleep the other day. It was absolutely hysterical and so very endearing. I cannot wait until she does that when she is awake.
4. Zoe now much prefers sitting up to laying back on your legs and her bobble head is nearly gone.
5. She can role over to her side now and manages to somehow turn around on her playmat leading with her head and arching her back, particularly if she learns her parents tried to sneak the TV on while she was playing with her toucan.
6. Zoe also stuffs her hands (and any other items she, or anyone else, get near her mouth) and has turned into an accomplished drool monster

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday, as usual Zoe was very good and super cute!

I've also stopped obsessively writing in my notebook. The charts and logs are no longer being completed. What will I do when I need to know exactly how much Zoe ate, or how much milk I pumped from just the left side for the morning feeding three days in a row? All very important questions I am resigning the ability to answer.