Sunday, September 30, 2007

Surgery Recovery - Day 3

Christ - is it really only the third day?


Sunday...well I woke up feeling the knee was slightly less painful than Saturday - progress! Plus, the Bills play the Jets today and we'll get the game on TV so I can watch it! I can't wait for stupid Direct TV to lose the deal on the NFL package so cable can get it too.

I was actually able to crutch into the shower today. Ari wrapped the bandages well in saran wrap and I was able to wash my hair and body (mostly, its hard to bend over - I definitely recommend having someone help you with this part, falling in the shower would SUUUUCK). After rinsing away the hospital and/or sty stench I moved to the couch and proceeded with usual Game Ready/pee routine. The knee was definitely more sore after the shower, however it also seemed to react a little quicker to the ice from the Game Ready.

Late in the day I decided to try getting up and sitting down by myself - after all it was Sunday, Ari couldn't stick around forever helping me stand up and sit down. I was able to maneuver around a bit by using my good leg, holding the band on the knee brace and moving the leg that way also helped a lot. I'm still not stable enough (the knee cap feels like its swimming around waiting for its chance to escape if I move too much) but Monday I am going to try moving around some more.

I also started really working on the projects I had lined up for my stint on the couch. I am knitting a sweater now, I finished a scarf earlier and am looking around for good hat & baby mitten patterns to get rid of some left over yarn. I highly recommend finding some projects before you head into surgery. I also have some books set aside, but let me tell you - its really hard to concentrate on reading when your leg is throbbing and you are kind of drooling...

I spoke to my doctor today as well, I sent him an email on Friday night because they had indicated I should contact him if there was pain that the medication was not addressing. I described the pain to him and he assured me that the pain level I was experiencing was expected given the level of reconstruction I underwent. I guess that makes me feel better....

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