Monday, January 4, 2010

Zoe - 3 Months

Zoe's fourth trimester has come to a close. In addition to the previously documented awesome milestones we have a couple more:

1. Zoe has started making hilarious squeaking noises
2. We have determined that for some strange reason Zoe is a morning person, clearly this is not a genetic trait. Getting out of bed is much easier when you see that great big smile!
3. She also had an extended giggling episode in her sleep the other day. It was absolutely hysterical and so very endearing. I cannot wait until she does that when she is awake.
4. Zoe now much prefers sitting up to laying back on your legs and her bobble head is nearly gone.
5. She can role over to her side now and manages to somehow turn around on her playmat leading with her head and arching her back, particularly if she learns her parents tried to sneak the TV on while she was playing with her toucan.
6. Zoe also stuffs her hands (and any other items she, or anyone else, get near her mouth) and has turned into an accomplished drool monster

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday, as usual Zoe was very good and super cute!

I've also stopped obsessively writing in my notebook. The charts and logs are no longer being completed. What will I do when I need to know exactly how much Zoe ate, or how much milk I pumped from just the left side for the morning feeding three days in a row? All very important questions I am resigning the ability to answer.

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