Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grandma Graham's Visit

Mom came to visit with Zoe this past week. Zoe loved all the cuddling and reading and I certainly enjoyed the company! We went for a few nice walks and attended a session at the 92 St Y on babies and their schedules. The session was quite useless, but it was a good opportunity to reconnect with a couple of women from the breastfeeding support group and also to meet new Moms. Zoe, Mom and I also had some stellar games of peak-a-boo resulting in extended laughing from Zoester, quite hilarious and of course very cute.

Mom also helped me finally get to work on the bumpers for Zoe's crib, just in time too as Zoe is now rolling over regularly in her sleep and bumping her little head on the side. The floral side will be facing out and the birds since they are more of a contrasting pattern and Zoe might like them more.

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