Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Love Sunday Football

But I hate the stupid Patriots. I have determined that I pretty much despise all the Boston/Mass teams in every sport.

My leg is sore and stiff from the outing yesterday. I'm glad I can lay on the couch with the Game Read machine all day and watch football. Ari is making his chili today - yummmmm.

I reached two of the milestones I am tracking!!
I'm able to get around the apartment with one crutch. I can't do this for too long because the knee and leg get tired quickly, hopefully slowly increasing this activity will increase my leg strength. Also, all the bandages are off my leg (notice I didn't say fall off) and the stitches seem to be absorbed!! The incisions don't look like the scars will be too bad, especially the scope ones. The long scar from the ligament reconstruction is 2 inches long, here is a picture:

No More Bandages

As of today the pain has diminished from my shins. The pain can still be quite intense, but is mostly isolated to the left side of me knee, directly under my patella, and my lower quad. These areas
particularly hurt at night still and also during PT.

Ari's dad came over to visit us today, he brought me a delicious cup cake which I thoroughly enjoyed before and after the chili.

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