Thursday, October 11, 2007

Surgery Recovery - Day 14

This week it seems like I've gone a bit backwards - the leg and knee continue to hurt the same, if not a bit more, each day and last night was worse than the past couple. The sharp pains in the area of the reconstructed ligament were back though it wasn''t quite as bad as it was in the first week. I'm sure the PT exercises I have to do are causing it. Stupid exercises.

Thankfully the nasty disgusting red spots seem to be going away, although it appears they are turning into bruises. And another bandage "came off", yes I was picking at it a bit, but the corner had definitely started coming off. Only 1 more scope bandage and then 7 bandages on the big scar to go. The stitches are absorb-able so I don't have to go back to the doctors to get them removed. The area around and underneath the incisions is really hard - according to my friend who also had knee surgery the PT person makes that go away. My friend described it as a process that feels nasty and disgusting, the PT person called it a massage.
I've stopped wearing the brace as much as possible - I am only wearing it to crutch around in. Hopefully this will increase my leg strength as well as keep the nasty red spots away.

There is seriously nothing good on TV from 3 - 4. Even the food network has crappy shows on at this time.

Ari is headed out for his friend's birthday followed by a boys night out. I am going to be soooo bored. I think I might have to have a movie marathon, maybe I'll start off with Goonies.

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