Saturday, October 6, 2007

Surgery Recovery - Day 9

I slept better last night. I think the trick is to keep the ice sleeve on in the beginning of the night and when I wake up from the pain, I remove the ice sleeve and and put the brace back on. I don't notice that I'm moving the leg around more with just the ice sleeve on, but I guess I must be, because having the stability of the brace helps decrease the pain. I must say I cannot wait until I can sleep in a position other than on my back.

I was able to shower all by myself today, including washing my legs! I can't really stand for that long because I still can't put any pressure on the knee without the brace on, but it all worked out and now I'm clean! I also realized the knee is exceptionally lopsided - its pretty gross looking when I'm vertical, most of the swelling is on the left side so it looks like a huge off center tumor thing topped off with a 3 inch incision.

Today went by in much the same way as the last few days - TV (this time college football) and knitting. Susan stopped by for a quick visit after she ran her half-marathon (yes she is crazy).

This evening I ventured out of the apartment for the second time since the surgery. Its really hot out so I immediately started sweating, which is annoying because now I am going to have to shower sooner. People's reactions as they passed me on the street were pretty funny. One guy with his son stopped to chat and felt so bad he offered me his can of pepsi. All the little yipper dogs seemed to think my crutches were play things and tried to attack them while their owners squeaked and pulled at their leashes in an effort to avoid a take down. I can't go very far on the crutches though - I made it maybe 50 yards at the most.

Tonight will be more of the same: football, cartoons, food and meds. Ah, the life of a gimp.

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