Saturday, October 13, 2007

Surgery Recovery - Day 16

It's Saturday and Ari and I are going to visit with our friends Per and Lydia in Connecticut. It's Lydia's birthday so we're all going out to dinner to celebrate. Per had to make reservations for 5 people so my leg could have its own chair since I can't bend it at all.

Riding in the car was really hard - I tried to "sit" up front. I had to adjust the bottom front of the seat as far towards the floor as possible and then prop my leg up on my bags so I was basically lying in the front. It was not comfortable. I could have sat in the back, I just got it in my idiot head that I didn't want to. Curse the stubborn genes.

We met up with them at a bar to watch the end of the Rugby game - England and France. It is by no means easy to crutch around drinking people, but everyone was really helpful. I only nearly bit it once - and it was totally my own fault, I just misplaced the crutch and started tipping. Per tried to grab me but I was just out of his reach. One of the waiter stations happened to be close by so I tipped onto that and it stopped me from completely falling over. For some reason I couldn't seem to be bothered to do much to avoid the fall, I certainly didn't move my arms in an effort to stop myself. I must have looked like some stiff tree going timber in the woods - or like a drunk person, that might be more accurate actually (of course, I was stone sober, which kind of makes it more embarrassing).

We made it in time to see the last 10 minutes or so of the Rugby match. I really don't understand the rules so much, but it looked exceptionally hard and painful. I can't believe they don't wear pads or helmets! Ari played rugby, I am going to start investigating the rules so I don't sound like a loser idiot when we watch matches next time.

Getting out of the house and spending time with Lydia and Per was really great. I just wish the leg was bendable - I was in a lot of pain when I got home. Ari set up the Game Ready so I relaxed and iced it. I'm sure it will be pretty stiff tomorrow when I try and do the PT exercises.

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