Saturday, October 20, 2007

Where oh where has my quad muscle gone...

I had gotten used to seeing major improvements at least each week, if not each day. This hasn't been the case this week; the knee has been pretty much the same each day. I am still unable to lift my leg off the ground even a centimeter. My quad muscle still hasn't made an appearance, unless you count the fat on my thigh shaking when I try and do an exercise. The pain isn't increasing in frequency or changing location, it's still in the shin and quad with the occasional sharp pains in the upper left of the knee.

The area I have seen the most improvement is in the amount I am able to bend my knee. I went from being able to bend my knee a pathetic 40 degree to being able to work up to a whopping ~75 degrees without significant, vomit inducing pain. I'm also able to get around slightly easier; I can get around the apartment without the crutches (with the brace on of course) with occasional ricocheting off various walls and bits of furniture.

I went to PT 3 days this week. They have extended the torture to include 30 minutes of quad muscle work with electrical stimulation. They put the stim pad things where my quad muscle should be and turn the timer on, when I feel it start I attempt to clench the muscle (queue the fat jiggle) and when it turns off I relax. I do all the other exercises then Nicole, the Personal Torturer, "massages" the scars I have in an attempt to break up the scar tissue, and then the bending begins. This is the worst part and is therefore saved for last, immediately followed by icing.

I made chocolate no-bake cookies on Tuesday and managed to polish off the entire batch by Thursday.

Beth and Ali both came to visit me this week which was great because I am getting really lonely. Beth was craving milkshakes so we went and grabbed them from the closest diner (yes, this was in addition to the cookies, no I haven't tried any of my clothes on).

Today was my friend's baby shower, it was quite nice. One of the girls had prepared a traditional Navajo ceremony which we all participated in. The ceremony included a naming bit and a candle lighting bit. During the naming we all went around and introduced ourselves and named our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, etc. After the naming the new mother-to-be lit the candle while we all read a poem. It was all very unique, interesting and sweet.

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