Thursday, October 4, 2007

Surgery Recovery - Day 7

Today is the end of my first week of recovery! Its hard to believe its only been a week, it seems like much more time has passed.

I got a package from my mom yesterday - she sent me 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe' series on tape along with a walkman and the best cookies EVER. They are delicious, I ate 5 already.

Today was also my first day all by myself. It turns out Starbucks doesn't deliver. I contemplated going out for coffee but I would have to crutch up the hill - I decided I was feeling too lazy for that. Instead I took a nap, then I took another.

While I was awake (for all of maybe 6 hours) I learned how to use 2 crutches with one hand while the other holds my plate of food - this is most useful, though it's much slower going. I have established that Scooby Doo is on each day from 9 - 1 on cartoon network, nothing good is on from 2 - 4 so that is prime napping time, and at 5 Camp Lazlo is on.

The knee continues to improve, although I feel like the recovery has slowed down. It still feels like a stuffed sausage, but there is less painful discomfort and more pressure discomfort. Unfortunately, the other parts of my leg have started to hurt more - my shin feels like its developed shin splints and my lower thigh continues to feel sore, with occasional throbbing in both places. At times my entire leg feels so swollen anbd heavy that I won't be able to move it - this feeling goes away as soon as I move my foot around, so I've been trying to do this more. Tomorrow I will try the compression and ice routine again, maybe that will also help.

The swelling in my knee has not increased which is a good sign. I can tell that my leg and knee get much weaker at night. It started to hurt when I would lift it to put on the ice sleeve post pee break, which wasn't the case earlier in the day.

Alison came over for dinner tonight, she brought yummy pasta and sauce and fresh mozzarella - delicious.

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